360 is starting back up!


Summer is officially coming to an end, and though it’s sad to say goodbye to those sunny days of camp, we’ve got something else to be excited for: 360! With our first day a success, this semester is ramping up to be one of our best! We’ve got the same exciting classes with a few twists plus new activities. There will be plenty of old friends and new faces. It’s the perfect after-school experience, done the ESP way.

We had a fun and exciting start to 360 yesterday at our first day! Participants created toilet paper roll flowers in Art and learned the different positions in their dance classes. We are looking forward to all the other activities our participants will work on over the coming days and weeks!
Want more details on all of the great people and activities that make 360 so special? Look no further because we have it all here!


Our New Additions

Big Hearts – Participants will plan and practice routines for Big Hearts Pageant

NKA Book Club – Participants will become a part of a community of peers who have a willingness to work together and share their life communication skills, literature comprehension skills, and develop communication skills.

Our 360 Staff

Big Hearts taught by Abby and Becca

Cooking taught by Alivia and Claire

Theater taught by Allison

Music taught by Amanda

Sports taught by Anna and Arata

Cheer taught by Brittany and Leah

Art taught by Caron and Claire

Swim Team taught by Hannah and Peter

Karate taught by Jake

Dance taught by Kalon

Outdoor Ed taught by Megan

NKA Book Club taught by Amanda

“My experience working with ESP this summer has completely taken over and I’m in love every moment I’m there. I’ll never forget the many laughs, cries, and memories being made. I am so proud of my buddies and so thankful I get to be a part of something so amazing. I love you ESP!” – Alivia, Cooking Instructor

“If someone described me in one word, I imagine that word would be “thoughtful”, for two reasons. I am easily immersed in my own thoughts and imagination, but I also have found myself capable of a great deal of consideration for others.” – Hannah, Swim Team Coach

“If I could change anything in the world, I would add more love. If the world had more love, we would have a lot less problems.” – Leah, Cheer Instructor


We are so excited for this Fall’s 360 programs and can’t wait to see all of our participants back at ESP!