Our Program Interns will Knock your Socks Off: Get to Know Them!

We absolutely adore all of the amazing things our 360 interns do for ESP! Your hard work and dedication deserves to be admired by everyone. We’d like to share a little bit about them, and how their experiences have been as program interns this year. 

Ben Guzman 

Ben is one of our Wednesday Interns, and we have loved getting to know him, he teaches Power Hour: Game Shows! He became involved at ESP the summer of 2018 as a camp counselor, and since that summer he knew it was a second home to him! Ben exemplifies the attributes of a leader and intern, and he wanted to continue his involvement with ESP while also developing skills of his own. Becoming a program intern was the perfect opportunity for him, and we appreciate him greatly! 

The biggest thing that Ben has learned in his time here has been adapting to changes and unforeseen circumstances. His skills in problem solving and adaptability will take him far into his future roles and career goals. In his Power Hour class, Ben introduced lifelines into the games they played, and it made the participants happy to interact with one another. 

Chloe Wise 

Chloe has a familiar face to all of our participants because she has spent a total of 8 summers with us! We love seeing her bright smile light up the room here at ESP. This semester Chloe is teaching Powerhour cooking! She loves to watch participants create and eat together. Chloe has really taken advantage of all that ESP has to offer. She continues to give our participants confidence while teaching them important everyday life skills. 

Chloe bonds and forms relationships with the staff, and families of ESP. She is currently a student at the University of Georgia, and is majoring in adapted special education. Hip, hip, hooray to Chloe for all that she does for ESP, we look forward to our time together continuing into 2021!

Mary Lyn Dyer 

Mary started volunteering with the 360 programs in the fall of 2019, and she has been hooked ever since! Her experience in summer camp inspired her to become a 360 intern for this year, and we are grateful to have her. An important part of being an intern is going with the flow of day to day activities, and Mary does this well. She noted that this is the skill she finds most rewarding when interacting with the participants. Mary loves seeing the weekly reunion of participants and volunteers. One week Mary told us that Magen went crazy when she saw her buddy, Emma. Mary loves to interact with Hannah and DJ every single week! 

Ryan Evans 

Ryan was introduced to our programs by his friend, Matt Waring, Volunteer Coordinator at ESP. After working his first time at summer camp, he fell in love with the staff and participants! Ryan’s favorite memory from his class was when they had a bonfire and everyone had so much fun in their own way. Caden built the fire, and Austin was finding huge sticks, and everyone else was enjoying all of the food! He said an important skill she has learned while interning at ESP is a sense of organization! 

Sarah Pannell

The first time Sarah was exposed to ESP was through an esp@uga event when she signed up to volunteer! She demonstrates that she’s learned a lot through her 360 program internship including skills such as: problem solving, time management, and creative planning strategies. Sarah teaches the cheer class and this week they practiced their routine for their performance, and they did incredible! She loves to see our participants really get into it and have a blast with their cheer moves!

Lindsey McCabe 

Lindsey discovered ESP through an event with her sorority, and she has been a familiar face around here since that day! She loves to volunteer at various club events throughout the year, and always brings the joy in anything she does. Lindsey decided to become a program intern when she interacted with the blue site this summer at camp! 

Her development in relationships with the campers made her want to explore all of the options at ESP, and become as involved as possible. Lindsey says her biggest takeaway from interning is the adaptability aspect of each day, also known as “rolling with the punches.” She adored watching Rey when he did not want to work on his backstroke, but the whole class cheered him on and he showed off his backstroke to everyone during swim brags! These are the magical moments that Lindsey lives for!

Rose Hardorn

Rose started volunteering at 360 her Sophomore year of college after hearing about it from classmates! She fell in love with ESP after her first summer at camp. Rose wanted to be able to spend time with a whole class of participants to get a change from the one on one setting, and her time as a program intern has been amazing! The most important skill that Rose has mastered is patience: it is key to be patient while working throughout the day. She teaches PowerHour cooking, and last week Sandy cooked her own eggs in the class which made Rose’s day!

Sydney Laughlin

We love seeing Sydney as a program intern this year! She teaches Big Hearts on Thursdays and enjoys every minute of it. Sydney heard about ESP during her first semester at UGA, and is extremely excited to carry out our mission. Being an intern has taught her the importance of being flexible and not taking things too seriously. There are definitely times when an activity does not go as planned, and she has to be able to go with the flow and continue to help the participants the best they can! Sydney has also seen how being loud and goofy can change a participants day, and make class so much more fun for everyone!

Ryan Smith

Ryan got involved with ESP through the experience of a lifetime at the Fall Festival with Addison King, Tyler King, and Kristy Jebavy! Working on the summer staff really encouraged him to become a program intern this year, and we are forever thankful for his hard work! A few crucial skills that Ryan has learned through working here at ESP include: communication, respect, dignity, and appreciation. Ryan explained that they were having a sensory day in Etsy, and Hannah Poling had such a blast dumping different types of condiments on her buddy that she offered to have us dump one on her! The Etsy class is always doing something crafty and fun, and we enjoy watching Ryan grow with our participants! 

Kayla Mann

Kayla just finished her sophomore year studying adapted special education at the University of Georgia, and is hoping to get her master’s degree in applied behavioral analysis after graduation. She couldn’t be more excited to be a program intern this year. Kayla loved being at Camp Hooray on the green team as a unit specialist this summer! She developed a passion for working with individuals with disabilities after participating in several programs similar to ESP growing up. 

Kayla discovered ESP and absolutely fell in love with it after attending 360, and now she can’t possibly stay away! Kayla is looking forward to teaching her Ninja class and can never get enough of ESP! We are happy to have her as a part of the family.