Mom Moments

finley dancing

     Two things happened to me this week: my son was cast in a play and my daughter entered into her first ballet class. It’s those moments that make your heart swell as a parent. They seem like such simple moments, but they are our moments: opportunities for my children to perform, grow in their confidence, and refine the little people they are now that turn into the big people they will become.

Then it hit me.

This week, parents of kids of all abilities will be having their moment. ESP 360 programs reopen. It’s a program full of 12 after school enrichment classes where no child is turned away: Dance, theater, art, swim, cheerleading, karate, volunteering, crafting, sports.

clete on stage

Just six years ago, our after school program became a reality. Since then, hundreds of children and their parents have had their moments…. Many for the very first time.

And while I loved our mission when I started as a college student at ESP 12 years ago, I have fallen in love with our mission many times over since becoming a parent.

The work we do, the support we raise, creates moments where participants of all abilities have the chance to put on ballet slippers and get to star in a play.

I’m just a mom, cherishing moments and thankful to be next to the many heroic ESP moms who have the chance to cherish these moments too.