Week 2, Come Meet Your Crew!

At ESP day camp, campers are divided into what we call units. Each unit has a nickname that gives the campers a mascot to rally behind uniting each group. The smaller unit groups help make rotating through activities easier, gives campers the opportunity to be around friends their own age and allow summer staff to watch their campers grow from week to week! Here are some highlights from each unit during week 2 of our Grand Slam Summer:

The Royals

It was an exciting week in the kingdom of our young royals! Freddie lost his tooth upon his noble yellow steed traveling to the pool on Monday. Camden made lots of new friends at court and couldn’t wait to talk to all of them. Miguel even stepped up to a leadership role and helped strengthen the kingdom though leading his unit in yoga!


The Pirates

Welcome aboard our pirate ship, matey! No one is better at welcoming new people into the pirate’s life than Kamya. She put up a tough pirate facade at first. By the end of week 2, Kamya was helping out everyone with their buddies. She knows how to search for a laugh and a smile from her fellow campers almost as well as she hunts for treasure!


The Astros

The Astros hit Grand Slam Summer week two out of the galaxy! Our brave astronaut, Evan jumped into the pool with no hesitation. He continued to swim lap after lap from one end of the deep end to the other. Evan has to stay in top shape to go on all of his space exploration adventures with the rest of the Astros!

The Marlins

The marlins may be our only aquatic unit, but they certainly aren’t fish out of water here at ESP summer camp! Drew proved marlins belong on ESP land this week by coming out of his shell during a classic marlin’s dance party. All the marlins-along with the rest of ESP-got to celebrate Drew’s birthday on Friday to end the week with a splash!


The Vikings

In the Vikings unit, we had strong Sandy conquer her challenges better than any Viking conqueror before her. At the bowling alley, Sandy bowled without her wheelchair! She walked all the way up to the lane, rolled the ball and even got a couple of strikes! She also got out of her chair to sharpen her archery skills (her choice of weapon) and strengthen her muscles in yoga.


The Rangers

This week the rangers changed out their cowboy boots for combat boots at FitBody Boot Camp! FitBody Boot Camp hosted our vocational unit on Thursday for a class that included all 30 of our wrangling rangers. Four of their instructors lead the class, and the rangers loved the fun equipment. The Rangers created a typical ruckus with a celebratory dance party at the end of the class. One of our toughest rangers, Mikeyla, especially thrived at FitBody Boot Camp. She jammed to the loud music pumping everyone up to work!


The ESP Family

While we love our units and the close-knit group of friends it provides our campers, ESP is still one big family. On Friday, we included our community family members as well, as they came out to the ESP building to participate in our Friday morning Flag for Friend Fridays. On Friday, each unit came dressed in the theme of their unit, but all the units came together to spend the afternoon at our Allstar Games! Allstar Games included putt putt, giant legos, henna, limbo, face painting, bouncy houses and other activities that allowed all our campers to enjoy the sunshine and spend time with their ESP family.


To see our campers dressed up in their unit theme and experience the magic of day camp for yourself, join us for Friend Friday on July 12 and 19! Friend Friday is an energetic way to start your day with Flag, our crazy time of dancing and celebrating campers, or through a cup of!Java Joy coffee. Either way, your Friday morning will be extra special!

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