10 Ways to Fundraise From Home

This has been a hard time for us all, but in particular, our families of all abilities are struggling. The loss of their normal support system has been challenging and ESP is more necessary than ever. Now we need your help: use this time of social distancing to do some social good!

For some, this period of social distancing is allowing for time to be creative, reconnect with old hobbies, and spend quality time (virtually) with friends. If you are blessed to be in that position, ESP is asking our supporters to choose to support ESP. In this time of unexpected need, what an incredible gift to use your spare time and talent to fundraise for ESP.

As we continue to raise funds for summer camp, we are patiently waiting for the day we will all be together again! We know it’s been tough to focus on fundraising. Brainstorming ideas for how to fundraise from home can also be time-consuming and even confusing. We’ve put together our top ideas for how to smash your fundraising goals from home! 

No matter if you are a Fan From Afar trying to raise money for your ESP birthday Facebook fundraising campaign, or if you are one of ESP’s Big Jump jumpers getting creative in smashing your Big Jump fundraising goals, we hope these tips will help you navigate your next step!

Our families need us more than ever, and with your help fundraising from home, we will be able to give our campers the summer they deserve. Thank you for helping us stay continually positive as we look forward to the brighter days ahead! We can’t wait to see you all again.