Be an ESP Hero and Save Summer Camp!

We hope you are doing well and staying healthy in this confusing time. We know skydiving doesn’t seem like a priority right now, but Big Jump is essential to how ESP serves its community. Without Big Jump, ESP loses two weeks of summer camp funding.

As you may have heard, Big Jump will still be happening this year. Our plan is to hold Big Jump this summer once we can safely gather together again. When that time comes, Big Jump will be needed more than ever! 

Our families are in desperate need of ESP’s services and will continue to rely on the support of our community during this crisis and into the summer. ESP will be stretched in ways we could not have expected, and so we are reaching out to you now with a request.

Last year, Big Jump raised over $130,000 to send our campers to summer camp. $75,000 was raised by the jumpers alone. 

Now, we need more jumpers to sign up to meet the same fundraising capacity of last year.

ESP never charges families more than 25% of the cost of programming, but now more families will need more financial assistance than ever before. These funds from Big Jump will also go to covering necessary goods like art supplies, gas for shuttles, and personal hygiene materials. 

In this time of uncertainty, we have more families who will require financial assistance. 

If you have been considering how to continue supporting ESP during COVID-19, we are asking for your help with the options below: 

  1. Register to Jump! If you would like to sign yourself up to be an ESP Hero and haven’t registered to jump this summer click HERE
  1. Nominate someone else to jump! If you know someone else who would like to jump, you can nominate them to jump HERE
  1. Support a current jumper. You can support any jumper by donating to their team’s Kindful page! 
  1. Re-share ESP’s Big Jump posts. Word of mouth is our best way of continuing to spread the need for Big Jump! Please share ESP’s Big Jump posts. If you think your friends or family would like to jump, tag them or share directly with them.

The fundraising our jumpers and their communities are doing for Big Jump is essential in helping us cover the increased financial need many of our families may experience this summer. Those funds also go directly into covering costs of programs. We hope you consider one of these ways to support ESP in this time of need, and, as always, feel free to reach out with any questions!

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