ESP Big Jump 2016 Jumper: Allison White

ESP Big Jump 2016 Jumper: Allison White

For ESP, Big Jump is more than a day diving for dollars. We do what we do and create opportunities for those in the community to join and help us provide the chance for children of all abilities to thrive at summer camp. Big Jump is an opportunity to do just that. One of the many that have played a part in our mission through Big Jump is Allison White.

Last year Allison jumped out of an airplane for ESP at Big Jump, raising funds to help send her friends to ESP Summer Camp. While some may question why Taking such a big risk for ESP was important to Allison because of the campers. ESP Summer Camp is an experience like no other for each camper to experience the best of summer.

“Each camper has impacted me so much, so I wanted to raise money that went straight to them for summer camp.”

Allison’s journey with ESP began in January of 2014 as a volunteer at 360. For Allison, the ESP 360 experience gave her a desire to be involved at ESP and she has been ever since. Allison’s favorite moment from Big Jump 2016 was riding up in the plane with one of ESP’s adult participants. Allison’s nerves were calmed by the participant’s pure joy and excitement!

Allison, we are grateful for you and your involvement at ESP. Thank you for taking a BIG risk with us at Big Jump!