The Gift of Giving

“It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Theresa

As the frenzy of Thanksgiving subsides, and the next holiday feels right around the corner, we easily consume ourselves with thoughts of what we need to prepare and what gifts we need to buy. But, what if we changed how we thought about these gifts? And instead thought about what we need to give, not what we need to buy.

Today is Giving Tuesday – a day that we can give something more. A day that we can give more than just a holiday present, but give the gift of experience and the gift of a home. Here at ESP, it is the experiences we create for our participants that help them thrive, and the space we provide that gives them a home. And you can provide these transforming gifts by showing support for ESP and giving a piece of your heart to the kids who deserve it most.

You can provide the gift of giving and create lifetime experiences for our participants by either Paving the Way or through a general donation.

Additionally, the best way to give is to share the gift of giving with others. Click the picture below to share with your friends and family that you gave to ESP and that they too can provide the gift of giving!

Giving Tuesday

When we choose to give, we are committing to so much more than a simple gift. We are committing to the creation of meaningful experiences and to the growth of the communities we love. This Giving Tuesday, commit to the growth of ESP through your gift of giving. And with this gift, create infinite opportunities of laughter and love for our participants to continue to thrive.