From the Inside Out: A Look Inside ESP 360

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What’s your favorite thing to do on a nice afternoon with some of your best friends? Maybe it’s painting or drawing. Maybe it’s perfecting your baseball swing in order to hit that out-of-the park home-run.  It could be fine tuning that pirouette you’ve been working on in ballet class. Or maybe it’s as simple as just being with and laughing with your pals.  If you asked ESP 360 participants this question, the answers would be infinite and diverse.  ESP 360 is a year-round program for participants which includes a variety of FUN-filled activities and endless opportunities for ESPer’s to grow 365 days out of the year.  From discovery to swim all the way to martial arts programs, ESP has a program that enthralls every participant. However, ESP 360 goes much deeper than just learning, perfecting and master new skills.  At the heart of ESP 360, the focus is on enriching the lives of participants.

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Caron Schroeter, one of the ESPirahanas swim class instructors, said “My favorite part about extra special people’s 360 programs is that they give everyone, participants and and volunteers, a place they can go to feel safe and at home. It’s a place that is so full of love and care that everyone can go and feel comfortable to be themselves and succeed.” Shroeter noted that the motto for this year’s swim classes is “push it,” and participants are encouraged to “swim as much as they can with good form.” During a regular ESPirahanas swim class, participants work on building upon past learned skills, which helps to strengthen their long-terESP360.10m memory.

Mysterious bubbling potions bursting with vibrant colors is the picture that comes to mind when I think of your regular ole’ discovery class, but according to the class leader, Hannah “Penny” Lefton, ESP’s Discovery class is a bit different (and tastier). It’s all about  “Showing that science can be fun by doing all of the cool experiments you’d like to do in school.” Lefton mentioned some of the cool experiments participants partake in throughout Discovery class including tetrahedral kites, baking soda volcanoes, and making ice cream.

Whether a participant is learning the basics of stage direction in theatre class, mastering new Zumba dance moves in Aerobics class or familiarizing themselves with dribbling a soccer ball in sports class, ESP 360’s mission is to help participants to grow in their confidence all while having a great time with friends and learning new FUN skills.  Don’t miss the Spring recital on April 24, 2015 where participants will have the opportunity to show off their newly learned talents and skills that they have accumulated throughout the spring semester at ESP360!