Hip, Hip Let's Play!

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Tomorrow is #givingtuesday – a day for all of us to give something more. This #givingtuesday is a day to give the gift of fun. Here at ESP, it is the experiences we create for our participants that help them thrive and we take great strides to ensure our participants have every opportunity to live their lives to the fullest. We are always looking for bold individuals to partner with us in pursuit of this mission; Charles Ivie was one such man. Mayor Ivie was always an advocate for us and was known to share his love for all of his “grandkids” here at ESP. He helped our community see the impact of our mission and the importance of creating experiences for each of these grandkids to thrive. Upon Mayor Ivie’s passing, not only did our community lose a beloved public servant, but ESP lost an avid supporter and friend. In honoring all Mayor Ivie did to speak for our participants who cannot often speak for themselves, we are using this #givingtuesday to add a wheelchair accessible swing at Harris Shoals Park playground.

ESP’s Giving Tuesday Memorial Swing will create a space where people who utilize a wheelchair can enjoy the same playspace as their peers. Our participants and visitors to the community will be able to not only go outside, but go outside and play. Tomorrow you have the chance to collaborate with ESP. The gift you give on #givingtuesday will go towards equipment specially designed to bring fun and joy. The sensation of swinging is an exhilarating experience most of us share from childhood. If you can recall that feeling, the one where you feel like you are weightless and flying, that is what you are giving if you donate tomorrow! Together we’ll make sure people of all abilities can say #HipHipLetsPlay!!!