Hope Has Led Us Here

On a sunny morning on Friday, June 5, ESP broke ground for its new 14,000 square foot facility next to the current building in Watkinsville.

Laura shares what was spoken at the ground breaking and what this special occasion means to everyone at ESP.

ground breaking

It’s hard to put into words this feeling.

When I was little, my best friend’s name was also Laura. In order to distinguish us, our parents would call her Laura and would call me by my middle name, Laura Hope. The name Hope became an affectionate word for me. And while today has nothing to do with Laura… it has everything to do with Hope. Not my hope but our hope.

Parents, when you received the news that your child has a disability… what kept you going? Over my time here I’ve heard over and over, it was hope: hope that your child will overcome obstacles because of your care, hope that your child could live a fulfilled life, hope brought about from watching other families in your situation thrive.

When we are all faced with challenge, misunderstanding or conflict… we keeping waking up because hope gives us the belief that it will pass.

When we are sick, or those we love are sick, it is hope that helps us believe they can get better.

When we are without, in need… the hope of being fulfilled satisfies us.

When we are told it’s impossible to raise the money needed to build a building for individuals of all abilities who deserve it, it is hope that gives us the confidence to say that it might just be possible.

In every opportunity, we have the choice to believe the unseen. The only thing greater than fear is hope. And if we choose to hope we begin to see it…

Hope is seen in the eyes of these beautiful campers. They are thriving and exceeding expectation.

Hope is seen in the hearts of the staff and volunteers who dedicate hours to show love.

Hope is given by the generous whispers of “ I want to help” by our neighbors who have made this groundbreaking possible.

Five years ago we set out on this journey to pursue a dream. A group of thoughtful board members sat around on a stormy evening in the Watkinsville community center and dreamt up what could be- a dream home in order to serve our participants more adequately and the 2,000 in the area who could benefit. For me? no. For board members? no. For the campers? Yes. We knew it would take work, hours, manpower and most importantly, hope.

I once read that hope is not a dream, but hope is a way of making dreams a reality.I want to thank the many who not only believed that this day would be possible but who put on their hard hats many years ago and began shoveling before there was even sight of dirt to be shoveled.  Hope is being sure of what is believed and certain of the unseen. And this groundbreaking and realization of our dream is the most true and beautiful display of hope that I’ve ever been a part of.

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Be on the lookout for future posts about the new facility. We’ll continue updating you on the progress of our dream home!