Making Our Dreams a Reality


“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” – Victor Hugo

When I first walked through the doors of ESP, I was surrounded by an atmosphere of acceptance. An atmosphere that radiated positivity. And an atmosphere that welcomed dreams of all sizes. Big dreams, small dreams, crazy dreams – anything!  And what all of these dreams had in common was the willingness of this community to make them a reality.

The dream of ESP’s new home is only a few short steps from becoming a reality. When ESP developed this dream just a few years ago, the entire community banned together and planted flags to make sure this dream had the support it needed.

And when our dream home does become a reality, it will create the future for a place that serves all of the 2,000 participants in Northeast Georgia who would benefit from the magic of ESP.

ESP is so fortunate to experience this time of growth and the beginnings of an exciting future. And as we grow, we do not wish to change our community, but sustain our community and make it the best it can be. We strive to keep the costs of our programs as low as possible in order to relieve the financial burden that our families face each and every day.

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And as our dream home grows, it gives us the chance to serve more participants, more often. This will naturally lead to increased costs to run our programs, with no intention of raising costs of our families. It’s the difference in the numbers we charge for our programs and true costs of our programs that allow a parent to pay for additional therapy; purchase assistive equipment and technology; and support their child in ways most parents never have to.
Our community coming together to create ESP’s dream home allowed us to more adequately serve the kids who deserve it most. And now, as our home grows and reaches its fullest potential, it’s time to show this support again in an even bigger way. We want to build a continual fan base for our families and their participants to show them how many people in the community cheer them on. To show them how many people believe in their success and want them to thrive. And how will we build this fan base? Through the ESP Fan Club.
By joining the ESP Fan Club, you can support our programmatic success to maintain the ESP community we know and love. Through an annual commitment, you support all of our ESP participants – both new and returning – and give them the chance to enjoy the experiences of a lifetime.


It is our goal to reach 500 fans this year alone, and we need all of you to join us in cheering on our favorite team – the participants of ESP.

Together, let’s build the BIGGEST fan base ESP has ever seen!

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