Rain or Shine...Spring Family Camp!

ESP veered from our regular weekly schedule and events this week to
host one of the most unique experiences that we offer, ESP family camp
at Camp Twin Lakes. Family Camp was available to give families and kids
an opportunity to experience what a day at camp would be like. It allowed
for new families to converse with staff and other families about ESP and
most importantly, summer camp. During the summer, ESP is allowed one
week of overnight camp at CTL. Parents are normally hesitant about letting
their child spend a night away from home, so Family Camp is a time where
parents become familiar with the environment in which their child will be

Even though the day started off wet and dreary, we were still
able to enjoy many fun activities. After all the families had checked in,
we all gathered in a large circle to perform some classic ESP songs. This
allowed for all the parents, siblings, and children to get warmed up and
ready for the day. Families were then asked to pair up with another family
to begin a Family Feud with silly competitions between families. To allow
for parents to share with each other separately, the kids joined together on
a scavenger hunt for s’more supplies, complete with attacks with flour on
the “thieves”.

For the second half of the day, Camp Twin Lakes facilitated different
camp activities to give each family a chance to become familiar with
activities they offer. These activities included climbing, archery, kite
making, boating, leather crafts, and “race car” driving. We ended our long
day with a cookout and bonfire, where we ate hotdogs/hamburgers and
roasted marshmallows to make s’mores. Overall, Family Camp was a
memorable experience for families to bond and become familiar with the