Make a Lasting Impact

“Our impact on the lives of others is our legacy.”

Join ESP in making a lasting impact on the lives of families with children with disabilities in our community. Now, more than ever, ESP’s mission is essential in providing wrap-around support for the families who need it most!

Circle of Joy

Sponsor one ESP camper!

Circle of Hope

Sponsor one ESP camper for a full year of programs!

Circle of Courage

Sponsor one ESP family for a full year of programs!

Circle of Empowerment

Sponsor four ESP campers!

Circle of Celebration

Sponsor two ESP families for a full year of programs!

Why We Give

"We wanted to be a part of the ESP story, so we invested in ESP. What we have found through our investments and work is that there is so much more to the story. While it’s easy to see how ESP delivers on its mission every minute of every day, the reason ESP delivers is that it has built a fiscally responsible infrastructure that delivers its mission efficiently and effectively. The fiscal responsibility and sound business principles continue to drive our investment into ESP.
Kim and I know what each dollar means to ESP and what each dollar is able to do. And, selfishly, we know the impact it has had on our family. Because ESP has allowed us to be a part of its story, our children understand what it is to give of themselves, to become dedicated to something bigger and better. We will never be able to thank ESP enough for the impact it has had on the Strickland family.
Please join us in being part of the ESP story. Each of you is here because you have heard ESP’s story and have probably been a part of ESP’s story. Make a difference at ESP and within your own family. It is a sound investment. It is a worthy investment. And it is the best investment you will ever make." 
- Carter & Kim Strickland

Legacy Giving:

For those looking to make a lasting impact on ESP and the many children who will be served by our mission, a legacy gift through our Endowment Fund is a beautiful option! To learn more, please contact our Director of Development, Ashley Stewart, at