Devon Smyth

About Devon Smyth

Core value: Unrelenting in the mission – “There are so many in our community who have not had an advocate who has stood beside them and their family regardless. It is a joy to create opportunities for our families. It is a joy to tell Rome, Georgia that participants and their families matter. My why is every time a family says, ‘I figured my child couldn’t participate because their diagnosis is ….’ and ESP Rome says, ‘come be with us!’ ESP Rome is making the table longer and pulling up more chairs to include those with disabilities and their families.”

Devon is a passionate community enthusiast who finds solace in reading and in her garden. She loves to spend time with her family & friends. She’s actively engaged in Leadership Rome, contributing to her community’s growth and development.

Her ESP Why: “My why is grounded in my faith and that God has called all of us into community. My why says that ALL are created in the image of God and that ALL are beloved. It guides my work daily!”