Hadden Fulgham

About Hadden Fulgham

Core value: Connecting the unconnected – “I have the privilege of sharing the important work being done by ESP to those who might not know what ESP is. I get to see firsthand the initial awe as new people witness the mission of ESP lived out for our participants and their families.”

Hadden is dedicated to serving others, particularly those in the foster care system. A CASA Volunteer outside of work, he embodies Mercer University’s motto of “Majors in Changing the World.” Hadden’s passion for travel fuels a growing bucket list, with Iceland standing out as his favorite place he’s visited. Having served on an international non-profit board for individuals with disabilities, he finds his journey with ESP brings him full circle to his past.

ESP Why: “I feel called to serve others, and ESP allows me to use my skills and passions to do just that. I get to witness life-changing experiences for our participants and their families. ESP is truly changing communities for the better, and I am grateful to play a small part in that and to witness it firsthand!”