Mariharden McElheny

About Mariharden McElheny

Core Value: Unrelenting In The Mission – “I am ready to do whatever is needed to help others while supporting ESP!”

Mariharden is fueled by a deep passion for helping others. Her creative spirit thrives in arts and crafts, with a focus on crafting earrings and bracelets to share with others. Her exceptional dedication and contributions were recognized with an ESPy award in her first year, showcasing her outstanding achievements. Mariharden’s philanthropic drive and artistic flair continue to inspire positive change and creativity in the world.

Her ESP Why: “I understand the importance of acceptance firsthand from the experiences I gained as a mom with a child that struggled with a learning disability, constantly felt inadequate, and could not find her place. I will always do what I can to make sure others around me do not feel that way.”