Here at ESP, we strive to have 1:1 participant-to-volunteer ratios. That means there is one volunteer dedicated to each ESP participant at our programs. Below, you can sign up to be a buddy at our recurring volunteer opportunities during 360 Programs or sign up to volunteer at one of our one-time volunteer opportunities! 

 Volunteer weekly with one of the most popular ESP volunteer opportunities, ESP 360! This semester takes place from September 12 - December 8 | 3:30 to 5:30 PM. 







Adult Volunteering Opportunities

Java Joy's store front cafe and training facility located in The Piedmont Oconee Health Campus is looking for adult volunteers to assist our Joyristas any Monday - Friday 8:30-12:30. Java Joy serves coffee and more to the community and trains Joyristas at this facility. Please consider volunteering to assist the Joyristas in making orders come to life, practicing soft skills, and maximizing JOY! This is a super laid back volunteer opportunity which gives time to really get to know the three Joyristas working as well as the one ESP Americorps member leading the day. 

Interested in volunteering but not sure the best fit?

ESP's mission wouldn't be possible without our many dedicated and energetic volunteers! We would love your support.

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  • Families and their children can volunteer together at ESP to:  

    • Celebrate and engage with ESP participants through ESP You and Me or the Leadership Experience
    • Volunteer at weekend ESP family events 
    • Serve ESP families a weeknight meal at Family Dinner 
  • Middle school to College aged students and up can be a “buddy” and work directly with an ESP participant by:

    • Pairing with a participant during afternoon programs in the Fall and Spring
    • Joining us for one-time weekend and evening Club events
    • Being a week-long buddy during Summer Camp
  • Adults, professionals, and businesses in our community are encouraged to volunteer at ESP by:

    • Attending a community event like Friend Fridays
    • Volunteering at weekend ESP family events 
    • Serving ESP families a weeknight meal