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What it Means to Volunteer at ESP

Who is a volunteer?


You’re considered a student volunteer if you’re between the ages of 14 – 24! You can volunteer with ESP through:

Adult & Family

You’re considered an adult volunteer if you’re over 25 years old. You can volunteer with ESP by yourself or with your family through:

Transformative Experiences

Volunteering with us is an excellent way to spend your summer or grow your professional portfolio, but the experience and impact of time spent at ESP reaches far beyond that. Through spending time with our participants and staff, volunteers have the opportunity to cultivate meaningful relationships and build professional and personal skills.


While at ESP, our volunteers receive opportunities to lead others, manage projects, and take ownership and accountability for their responsibilities. In addition, they receive guidance and skill-building opportunities from full-time staff working alongside them as they interact with our participants.


By giving back to their community and working with individuals of all abilities, volunteers learn patience, self-awareness, empathy, and intentional communication skills to understand individuals and their needs.


As champions for our mission, volunteers learn problem-solving skills and have opportunities to practice decision-making while considering their impact on others. In doing so, volunteers prepare themselves for real-life situations and cultivate skills that apply to many careers.


There’s a place for you at ESP.
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The Buddy System

Here at ESP, we strive to have 1:1 participant-to-volunteer ratios. That means there is one volunteer dedicated to each ESP participant at our programs. Below, you can sign up to be a buddy at our recurring volunteer opportunities during 360 Programs or sign up to volunteer at one of our one-time volunteer opportunities!

How to be a great Buddy

Listen and talk – Don’t use baby voice – Get on their level

Think about what makes them happy – Encourage – Don’t Force

Dietary Restrictions – Allergies – Meds – Seizure Plans – Etc.

Be crazy about celebration – Be intentional – Develop a Relationship

volunteer coordinator

Meet ESP's Volunteer Coordinator

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Gracie Daniel, is dedicated to creating opportunities for community members to engage with our mission and creating safe and engaging support for our participants. 

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ESP’s mission wouldn’t be possible without our many dedicated and energetic volunteers! We would love your support.

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