Our Locations


Athens, Georgia is ESP’s home. ESP was born in the Athens-area in 1986 and continues to serve families in over 30 counties. We provide year-round 360 programs, Java Joy, and one-day will host inclusive overnight camp at our Hooray property. Browse our website to learn more about ESP’s headquarters and programs!


Rome is ESP’s next dream! Rome launched a Java Joy program in October 2020 and began employing adults with disabilities. One day, we hope to bring ESP’s 360 program to Floyd County’s families!


Atlanta, GA launched a Java Joy program in October of 2020. Atlanta employs over 20 adults with disabilities and brings coffee and joy to organizations throughout the city! 

San Francisco

San Francisco became Java Joy's first expansion location in December 2019. It was the start to our dream of serving individuals across the country!

More to Come!

ESP continues to grow and work towards our vision of a world where every person, of every ability, in every community has universal access to transformative experiences. To learn more about how we’re growing and how you can be a part of that growth, visit Our Impact.