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ESP was born in the Athens-area in 1986 and continues to serve families in over 30 counties. We provide year-round 360 afternoon programs, employment through Java Joy, and adventure through Hooray Summer Camps.


ESP 360

is Year-Round Programs and Family Support

Java Joy

Java Joy

is Employment for Adults with Disabilities

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is esp's Summer Camp Experience

Miracle League

The ESP Miracle League expands esp’s recreation programs while creating an inclusive community for all.

Playground of Possibilities

Our universally accessible playground is open to the public from dusk til dawn each day. No reservations required!

Raised Funds 70%


Volunteer at esp Athens

Volunteering with ESP is an opportunity for community members to get involved with our programs and members. Students can begin volunteering at 14 years old!

For more information about volunteering, check out our volunteer hub or see Athens’ opportunities by clicking “Volunteer Now” below. 

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ESP exists to create transformative experiences for people with disabilities and their families.


ESP envisions a world where every person, of every ability, in every community has universal access to transformative experiences.

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