Changing Communities for the Better

ESP speakers spreading the word of inclusion

ESP’s mission and vision are centered around changing communities for the better. Every day we focus on that mission by supporting our families and helping their children of all abilities to thrive. But we also make an impact on the lives of those around ESP: our volunteers, donors, Java Joy customers, and event attendees. Part of our mission is teaching people how to engage with people with disabilities because it creates a more inclusive community for our families. We practically have changing communities down to a science!

Over our 35 years of service, we’ve learned a lot about inclusion and how to speak to it. Now, we are spreading our mission beyond our four walls and teaching others what we know. See below for the three ways ESP can share our mission with your group.

The ESP You and Me Experience: ESP Comes to Your School!

ESP team members visit your school to create an exciting and engaging environment for students K-12 to learn about Ability Awareness through the ESP You and Me Experience! This fun assembly-style training lasts 30 – 60 minutes and includes interactive opportunities for students to engage with the lessons they’ll learn how to:

  • Help foster a world where people with and without disabilities come together to celebrate and live life.
  • Help students feel like they can communicate and engage with people with disabilities, taking away the anxiety, worry, or fear of doing so.
  • Help students understand that we all have different abilities and talents, and that we respect each other and love each other despite differences.
  • Give students tangible ways to befriend their peers of all abilities.
  • Avoid bullying

Each training is tailored to your audience size and age:  ElementaryMiddle, and  High School.

You’ll receive an interactive 60-90 minute session for $10 a student! Location and Time are dependent on School.

For more information, contact  ami@espyouandme.org.

“I thought the presentation was super engaging and a fun way to educate kids on how to better understand those around us who are extra special!” Lila, ESP You and Me Participant
The ESP Leadership Experience: Your Child Comes to ESP!
ESP Inc. invites elementary to high school-aged students to join us for a week of after-school programming focused on inclusion at our building in Watkinsville. Lessons are taught through interactive games and age-relevant programs. The ESP Leadership Experience is an opportunity for elementary to high school-aged students to learn to love, celebrate, and encourage people of all abilities! Elementary School Leadership Experience: July 25-29
” I appreciate what you guys teach people how to empathize with people with disabilities.” Sisi, Leadership Experience Student
Through our Java Joy program, ESP has developed training for corporations that focuses on disability inclusion and diversity in the workplace.  Our JoyWorks partnership takes the mission of Java Joy and develops it into an interactive and engaging diversity training platform for your business! JoyWorks includes four joy-filled training sessions led virtually or in person. Our Joyristas will lead you through four trainings covering the following:
  • Transformative Joy that Inspires your Company + Staff
  • Diversity and Inclusion with Disabilities Awareness
  • Opportunity to Engage with People of all Abilities
  • Learning to Create a Culture of Celebration
Your partnership also includes materials for implementing these lessons and sharing their impact with your community. Joyworks is a great fit for organizations interested in social responsibility!
Meet Laura Hope Whitaker
One of Laura’s favorite quotes is, “Sometimes you choose your job, other times it chooses you.” It has particular meaning to her as she began leading ESP as a 19-year-old college student. In her 15+ years growing the organization, she’s learned some powerful lessons and taken ESP to places no one could have imagined. Laura is a talented public speaker looking to bring these lessons to your group. She speaks to:
  • Business Leaders
    • Seeking vision for your company
    • The Power of Female Entrepreneurship
    • Overcoming Obstacles + Learning to Pivot
    • Seeing the Ability in Everyone
    • Effective Leadership
    • Courage. Compassion. Culture.
  • Nonprofit Leaders
    • Overcoming Obstacles + Learning to Pivot
    • Spreading Light to your Community
    • Courage. Compassion. Culture.
    • The Power of Female Entrepreneurship
  • Additional (faith-based, parenting, etc.)
    • Balancing Faith, Family, and Career
    • Overcoming Obstacles
    • Spreading Light to your Community
    • Magnify the Goodness in Yourself
    • Finding Your Internal Spark
    • Seeing the Ability in Everyone

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