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Camp Hooray will be the ultimate summer destination for your child, blending fun and learning seamlessly. Picture your little one immersed in a world of creativity and laughter, guided by expert teachers who craft a curriculum celebrating the joy of learning through play.

At Camp Hooray, every day brings a new adventure. Your child can explore their creative side with art and dance, dive into exciting science experiments, and develop social skills through teamwork and leadership activities.

With a wide range of activities, from cultural dance to art classes, your child’s summer will be packed with opportunities for self-expression and skill-building. They’ll also get to enjoy Georgia’s beautiful landscapes while engaging in outdoor activities and sports.

But Camp Hooray isn’t just about activities; it’s also about building lasting friendships. Your child will forge bonds with peers, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Camp Hooray follows the esp 360 approach, a holistic educational philosophy that nurtures every aspect of your child’s development. From academics to life skills, every element is carefully woven together to ensure your child thrives both academically and socially.

So, ignite your child’s summer adventure at Camp Hooray, where each day is filled with joy and discovery under the warm sun.

esp is developing the industry-leading camp for people of all abilities

Designed through a partnership with the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech, Hooray will be the first-of-its-kind, fully accessible overnight camp for children and young adults with disabilities. For these two schools, the 90-acre camp in Jackson County, Georgia, is a living laboratory where students and faculty have the opportunity to create new and innovative structural and landscape designs. At this time, we offer six weeks of day camp along with two weeks of overnight camp programs and look forward to expanding our offerings shortly.

Camp Hooray Snapshot

Athens, Rome, Overnight Camp at Camp Twin Lakes

The 2024 season is still in planning stages. Check back soon for more details.

Learn more and apply to become summer staff HERE.

Check back soon for more information about volunteer application!

This year’s camp sign up is closed. The next camp registration will take place March 1-31, 2024. 

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Dive Deep into the Heart of esp's Hooray Programs

At esp Summer Camp, embark on a journey of enrichment and togetherness. Dive into Java Joy, our mobile coffee cart and employment for adults with disabilities,  where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee blends with the warmth of inclusion. Every cup poured is a silent cheer for compassion and community, showcasing how coffee-making can empower individuals.

Celebrate diversity with ‘Hooray for Inclusion,’ where every camper’s unique story is honored. From cooperative games to art projects reflecting inner worlds, every activity fosters empathy and understanding.

Experience esp’s impact beyond Camp Hooray. Through respect, leadership, and social consciousness, your child’s summer shapes a better community. Join us in creating waves of positive change and embracing an empathetic, cooperative future. Let’s make unforgettable summer memories together.

Here's how you can get involved:

Your involvement creates a ripple effect of joy and growth throughout our summer sanctuary. Join us and be part of something truly special at esp Summer Camp.

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Embrace the essence of summer at Camp Hooray by joining our dynamic team and stepping into a season filled with impact and fulfillment.

Join our full-time staff to make a year-round difference in children’s lives.

Be part of our vibrant community and redefine boundaries with us at Camp Hooray.

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Get ready to mark your calendar because Camp Hooray’s upcoming events are about to ignite the spirit of our vibrant community. Your participation fuels our collective passion, turning each gathering into a blend of fun and learning at esp Summer Camp.