ESP Ever After – NKA Field Trip Week

This week was no ordinary week. Our older (No Kids Allowed) group got out of the house and went on field trips around Athens!

On Monday, we headed over to the Cotton Press. Artini’s stopped by to help us put a personal touch on some very cool landscape paintings. Already feeling like the cool artists, we kept things chilly with some Hip Pop popsicles. Popsicles on a hot June afternoon… nothin’ better.

We got on the bus and headed out to Bear Hollow Zoo. Talk about going on a real bear hunt! There were alligators, otters, turtles, deer, a turkey- just to name a few. We had so much fun exploring and getting to see all of the animals.

We put our teamwork skills to work by going on a scavenger hunt in downtown Athens and on UGA’s north campus on Tuesday. We rang the chapel bell, went to Herty Field and got to walk under the arch! After our scavenger hunt, we had one more clue…. “You see these things when you’re changing a tire, don’t shock yourself, it’s a ____” Can you guess where we ended our journey? That’s right – Live Wire Athens! The next stop was lunch at Live Wire and a concert by Lily Rose. You know we like to dance. We put our boogie shoes on and hit the dance floor – Athens style!

Wednesday included more dancing! The day started off with Zumba and putting our dance moves to work. Combining exercise and dancing is the BEST. With all that dancing, we took a breather and headed to see the movie Home at Ovation Cinema. We loved watching the story of Oh and Tip as they learn the meaning of home.

Thursday came, and we packed up our PJ’s to head to UGA for a sleepover. Clearly the arch superstition is true. We walked under it Tuesday and just couldn’t leave UGA! We started the day where plenty of students start their college experience: our campers went through rush! They learned songs, decorated shirts with their letters, and played college games at Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Nu. Then it was off to ECV for lunch. But who says college is all fun and games? We took a tour of the museums and launched bottle rockets with the Engineering department. In the evening, we hung out with athletes from Football, Volleyball AND Soccer! It was Logan’s first time meeting UGA athletes! How about a big GO Dawgs!!! Between kickball and a tour of the Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall, it was quite the day!

We waited all week long to jump in the pool. After a restful night in the 1516 dorms, we had plenty of energy to conquer Ramsey. Friday saw us showing off our strokes during a party in the Ramsey pool.. Check out our Facebook page for more pictures of us under water! All together, I think ESP managed to fit more of the UGA experience into two days, than I have in two years. Whew! Check out our Facebook page for more pictures of us under water!

Now we’re all rested up and ready to show you our adventures at Camp Twin Lakes! Keep an eye out for our next blog post. You won’t want to miss this one.