NKA gets lost in the Corn

a group of women posing for a photo

Friday night was an eventful night for the No Kids Allowed group!

We traveled to the Washington Farms Corn Maze for a night of fun and adventure. It was so fun to meet up with friends and make memories together getting lost in the corn.

There is so much to do at Washington Farms on a chilly fall evening and we did it all!

We started the evening by hopping on the hay ride in anticipation to reach our destination! Then we had a photo shoot on the giant rocking chair! Our first big adventure was to venture into the Vortex! There were some mixed reviews after the experience, some loved it and insisted on going through again (and raving about it the rest of the evening ) and others were scared and couldn’t be convinced to repeat. After moseying around to see what else was offered, our small group headed over to the bouncy pillow! Man, was it a blast to watch the kids jump and laugh and fall! I wish I had video footage!

In attempts to not crowd the concessions with our large group, we took turns to eat and finally we headed over to grab some grub. Hamburgers, chicken fingers, cheese fries, hot cocoa…there was so much to choose from!

The temperature dropped and we all got a little cold so after eating we gathered around the camp fire and listened to the singing of Lyric and Ruthie. After warming our fingers and toes, we finally decided to take the plunge in the daunting corn maze. We had high hopes at the beginning and thought we could make it through in 30 mins and about a third of the way through realized that we could not be more lost and ended up getting a ‘personal tour’ from one of the Maze workers.

So grateful I got to spend my Friday evening with such a loving and fun group of young adults!

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