April Additions!

We’re two months away from being able to use our dream home, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make last minute changes!

Throughout the building process we’ve kept our participants in mind (this building is all for them)! From the layout down to the height of the tables, everything has been constructed while thinking of their needs! Many of our decisions have even come from their own suggestions and actions. Since we value the opinion of the people who will benefit most from this building, we figured who better to ask than them for a few final opinions.

Recently in 360, we asked our participants for opinions on the building and it really got us thinking! With their input, we’ve decided to go for a more imaginative and fun approach to the building’s appearance.

We are so excited to announce that, thanks to the help of our participants, the exterior of the building will be made with a recycled lime green brick! All the material will mimic a “brick” exterior but the material will be made from recycled pool noodles with the resulting color a fluorescent green! Bright and bold just like our participants’ personalities. This is such a blessing to us and we could not be luckier to have found a material that fits our needs! Below is an updated blueprint of the building that will soon be fully functional!

With the new material, we’ll also be adding a few additional ornamental features. These include two large gargoyles (not pictured) on either side of the entrance to greet our participants as they walk through the doors! Cathedral style buttresses at the sides to add support (the structural integrity of pool noodles is somewhat less than that of traditional brick). Lastly, we’ve decided to forgo a pool in the future for a lazy river style moat now. Fun and functional, the moat will provide a fun spot for swimming in the summer and house ESP’s recently acquired catfish population. We cannot wait to have our programs in the new building and are so glad that we are able to make accommodations that will make our participants feel as welcomed as possible!

Our building may not be turning into a palace fit for a Pixar character, but this summer will certainly still be a fairytale for ESP!

While we may not be making all of these last minute changes, there are still many additions we need to make to the building suitable for all our needs. Visit our Amazon Wishlist here, and help us fill the building with plenty of supplies to last us through the summer!

We hope everyone joins us for out grand opening on Saturday, June 4th and get a real glimpse of the new facility. Or stop by during one of our Flag & Fair Fridays during summer camp.