Alex Bruggeman

About Alex Bruggeman

Core value: Compassion Freely Given – “This is a value I have learned the most from our families and one I want to strive to have everyday.”

Alex loves her dog Honey, sunflowers, good music, and the show New Girl. She enjoys long walks (when Honey is willing!), and trying to cook one new meal a week that she has never cooked before. One of Alex’s achievements is becoming a certified First Generation Sibshop Facilitator and helping launch ESPsibs, showcasing her dedication to fostering supportive communities.

Her ESP Why: “When I first started at ESP I had only planned on volunteering for week one of summer camp to gain hours to my practicum. Little did I know that in that week I would drop all of my other plans that I had for the summer to volunteer for the remaining weeks of summer camp with ESP. That first week, I was blessed to have Mariah as my buddy. Her joyous outlook on life, given her circumstances became my why. ESP has a way of creating and capturing pure joy, no matter what goes on beyond the walls of ESP. I get to truly live out my passion of creating real and authentic joyous moments with my friends of all abilities.”