Madison McCrorey

About Madison McCrorey

Core value: Crazy about celebration – “There is no such thing as a win too big or too small to be celebrated. A win IS a win. Here at ESP we have an amazing opportunity to a front row seat to those victories no matter the size.”

Madison is a dedicated advocate for community engagement, embracing the offerings of Athens wholeheartedly. She’s a regular at the local farmers’ market and takes pride in supporting Athens’ restaurants. She also enjoys sunset walks around the block. One of Madison’s notable achievements is being part of the team that brought Java Joy to San Jose, California, for the Barracuda Sales kickoff event, reflecting her commitment to creating meaningful experiences.

Her ESP Why: “My first semester ever volunteering I saw my buddy be able to shoot archery. Something so “simple”, yet something the world may think he is not capable of. I went home blown away for just how cool this place is, and through all my years I have continued to be blown away at all the cool things we get to do with our participants and their families. ESP provides a since of belonging not only to those we serve, but also those who are serving.”