Ami Spayd

About Ami Spayd

Core value: Unrelenting in our mission

Ami is deeply passionate about her role at ESP, where her work never feels like a job. For her, it’s a privilege and honor to serve participants and their families daily. With unwavering dedication, Ami continues to wholeheartedly love and support the ESP community, making a lasting impact on the lives she touches.

Her ESP Why: “ESP allows me to love God best by loving and serving those He created! Every day I am able to live out the bible verse Proverbs 11:25 “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” And that verse has never before felt more true… Serving our participants and their families is my greatest joy and the return is immeasurable! We weren’t meant to do life alone. We were created to live in community with one another, which is exactly what ESP provides to SO many! Not only to our participants & their families, but to the ESP staff, neighbors, as well as local businesses. ESP is not contained to our four walls, and is certainly not limited to just the participants we serve. The community ESP provides such a positive impact on anyone lucky enough to experience the magic! Working for this organization has been my greatest joy. Our participants and their families have taught me more in a short time, than most people will ever learn in their whole lives. I am forever grateful for the love and friendship that I have within my ESP community. I need ESP far more than ESP needs me.”