Changing Communities for the Better: ESP You & Me

Hi everyone, I’m Marcella! I’m ESP’s Communications Coordinator and Storyteller. In other words, I help tell ESP’s story to share awareness and motivate others to make a change in their community. I live with a disability and have been the spokesperson for a variety of nonprofits. As ESP is changing communities for the better, we want to include ALL people in this vision, and that includes people of all ages!

This year, we are excited to launch ESP You & Me!

ESP You & Me is an ability awareness training for grades third through twelfth that is an assembly-style presentation teaching kids to see ability using interactive and engaging games on how to include people of all abilities.  ESP has 35 years of experience creating transformative experiences for people with disabilities and their families, and we have been called to share that experience with students across Georgia.

Students like Karen!

Karen attended our ESP You & Me training at Athens Christian School and knew she wanted to get involved. She came up to me after the presentation and said how inspirational it was to hear me tell my story of being positive and living my life, despite the overwhelming challenges. I was so moved by her because I had not expected to make such an impact by only speaking for 40 minutes. I hope that by sharing my story our leaders of tomorrow will take action and feel called to make a difference in their community for people of all abilities. 

Karen signed up for our ESP Leadership Experience with our Volunteer Coordinator, Matt Waring, after our training at her school. She wanted to experience ESP now that she heard how incredible of a place it was. The ESP Leadership Experience is a week-long training at ESP where students interact with ESP participants, learn leadership skills, and build on their knowledge of people with disabilities. Karen had such an amazing time that she volunteered for several weeks of summer camp! She was made life-changing memories with our participants and will forever be changed by ESP.

My dream is to impact more students like Karen because I only wish I had grown up with an organization like ESP.  I wish I had a place to feel celebrated at like our participants do at ESP and there were programs that would spread awareness about people of all abilities. Help us spread the word on ESP You & Me and book us below! 

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