Looking Up with the Emerson Family

 We would like to share with you a radiant story that illustrates how one family, who moved to Athens to be a part of ESP’s constellation,  has been impacted by our community so far. 

Just as stars are scattered in the sky, many families of children with disabilities are, too, scattered. And when stars come together, they are brighter, forming beautiful constellations. What if we could take scattered special needs families and bring them together to form ESP communities.  What if we could take the goodness of what we have here in Athens, GA, and bring it to communities across the country?

ESP is recognizing this opportunity and beginning to answer these “what ifs”.  As an example, we are already seeing the impact of our initial investment in Rome and Atlanta ― just last week, five participants from those cities were celebrated on a stage for their abilities ― something they never would have experienced without ESP. And we hope that in the coming year many of you who have expanded your own business will help us deliver the resources to further expand our mission.