Meet ESP’s New Americorps!

Last month, ESP was thrilled to welcome 15 new Americorps members. This yearlong program develops leadership skills through working with individuals of all abilities and communicating with families. Our Americorps members also work to support our programs team through our 360 programs, family support, Java Joy, and Summer Camp. 

This group serves ESP in all three of our locations– Athens, Atlanta, and Rome. They are an integral part of the ESP family, and we are so excited to welcome our new team.

Scroll to read about each of our new members, and click here to learn more about the Americorps program!

Athens Americorps

Maggie Britton
Favorite childhood TV show: Hannah Montana 

Kelly Carter
Coffee order: Iced caramel macchiato

Sam Collins
Favorite music genre: 90s rap

Ayden Engberg
Currently most passionate about: Helping others

Max Jacobs
Favorite sports team: Atlanta Braves

Simon Levy
Favorite drink: Cherry Coke

Caroline Lumpkin
Favorite snack: Baby goldfish

Lindsey McCabe
Favorite candy: Mini Reece’s cups

Taylor Shannon
Favorite color: Yellow

Atlanta Americorps

Lexi Domlija
Currently most passionate about: ESP & yoga

Gena Hill
Favorite color: Light purple

Jordan Story
Coffee order: Caramel frappuccino

Rome Americorps

Rhett Abernathy
Favorite childhood TV show: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Emma Barton
Favorite music artist: Taylor Swift

Katie Christian
Favorite drink: Citrus green tea