Unexpected Possibilities Created at the First 90 Days of ESP’s Playground

ESP, Inc. is in the business of creating transformative experiences for people of all abilities and is fulfilling that mission with the new Miracle League Complex, a universally accessible baseball field and playground. With the help of the City of Watkinsville, ESP is achieving their mission by creating accessible play for all and changing communities for the better with the new facilities.

Since opening on June 6, the Playground of Possibilities inside the Miracle League Complex has averaged 15 people per hour or 150 people per day for the 10 hours it is open. An estimated 13,500 people have experienced the playground and enjoyed it to the fullest in the first 90 days.

“It has been a true unexpected gift to have watched hundreds of typical children, outside my window, experience the joy of play while engaging with children of all abilities. The playground of possibilities has gifted moments of engagement that will reap benefits of inclusion for decades to come,” said Laura Hope Whitaker, CEO of ESP, Inc.

The City of Watkinsville played a vital role in the development of the complex through an important public-private partnership. 

Inclusive playgrounds, parks and community spaces promote engagement and interaction with a diversity of people both in age and ability levels, create economic and social gains for communities, increase play among kids with and without disabilities and promote overall feelings of acceptance for people with disabilities. 

“Children of all abilities deserve the same opportunities to create memories, play together, and most importantly have as much FUN as possible!” said Watkinsville Mayor Brian Brodrick. “Watkinsville and its citizens are proud to have played a part in bringing this wonderful asset to life for our community to enjoy.”

The Playground of Possibilities is open to all and is located in ESP’s backyard on VFW Drive in Watkinsville and overlooks the city’s beautiful Harris Shoals Park. 

ESP continues to cover the cost of upkeep of the playground and welcomes families in the community to show their support. If you are a fan of the playground, and play for all, we invite you to become a fan of ESP! Make a gift today to support universal play at espyouandme.org/donate

ESP welcomes families to cheer on players at the first ESP Miracle League tournament on September 17th. The concession stand and playground will be open to all along with the opportunity to cheer on ESP participants as they play their first game of baseball!