What You Need to Know About Our New Look

You may have noticed that ESP revealed a new look this week! We are thrilled to share the three ways ESP carries out its mission through Java Joy, 360, and Hooray. We’ve gotten a few questions we’d like to answer. 

  • What is 360?

360 now includes ALL programs! While you are used to afternoon programs being called 360, 360 now means every program ESP has for our participants, including family support.

  • Are we having summer camp? 

Yes! Summer camp is still happening and we are just putting it under the 360 umbrella.

  • Are we having afternoon programs?

Yes! Afternoon programs are staying and they are called 360 afternoon programs. 

  • What about family support? 

Family support will be offered, and we are simply calling it 360 family support. It’s now under the 360 bucket to help better explain our programs to our community.

  • Where does Miracle League fit into this?

Miracle League is also under 360! 

  • What is Java Joy now?

Java Joy is exactly the same, just under ESP! Java Joy has a new logo and is “Java Joy by ESP.” 

  • What is Hooray?

Hooray is ESP’s camp site located in Jefferson, Georgia. It is currently used as a day camp and a place for our events like Fall Festival. Our dream is to have Hooray be the first universally accessible campsite in the nation.  

Nothing has changed about ESP’s mission and the way we serve our families! We hope you love our new look and are excited for this change!

If you’d like to purchase some of our new merchandise, you can purchase it here: https://www.espfanclub.org/