We all need a little slice of Paradise this summer!

Camp is right at our doorstep, and it’s about time we kick off our shoes and experience the summer that we all deserve after a hectic year! A Summer in Paradise sounds mighty nice to us, and if it does for you too then what are you waiting for? Sign your child up today for as many weeks as they’re available to be eligible to receive a total of 7 adventure-filled weeks of summer camp. 

When registering for camp, you are actually requesting the weeks you think your camper would be able to attend! Request as many as you can possibly go to in order to increase your chances of getting all of the weeks, and having the most magical summer ever! The programs team will review requests and allocate which weeks your child will attend based off of allocation processes. This ensures that every camper gets as much camp as they possibly can! The deadline to register is April 16th! 

Register for camp here! https://esp.campbrainregistration.com/

Why Participants Love Camp

What makes this camp so special is the mission that anyone of any walk of life can walk, run, wheel through our front doors and be accepted with open arms. Ainsworth, a participant of ESP, comes to camp and his mother Angie tells us, “When your child jumps out of the car and hears their name chanted, it’s like a rock concert. The energy is contagious!”

We strive to create a unique environment, and give individuals with disabilities the opportunity to go to the summer camp they always dreamed of, but never found the most inclusive program such as this one!  

The Impact of Camp

Our participants thrive at summer camp for a multitude of reasons. They are surrounded by their closest group of friends, and have the extra confidence boost they love. The 1:1 ratio that is offered by having a buddy matched with a camper provides the utmost security and support to make them comfortable in all settings! We are goal-oriented at camp, so we budget time for playing, and then “playing with a purpose.” This means they work on skills like social interaction, emotions, and interpersonal as well. 

The typical summer camp activities such as horseback riding, tug-of-war, paint wars, and so much more provide the campers with the best excursions. These days spent at camp mean a break for many of our families. Raising children with disabilities can be an arduous, yet rewarding task, so many of our parents enjoy the much-needed relaxation at home. 

Mermaids, Lifeguards, and Pirates, Oh My! See What Camp Will Look Like for You

What’s everyone’s favorite part of camp? FLAAAAAG of course! We will have FLAG this summer all together and reunited at last as we chant some of the best sing-with-me songs. Imagine your child in the middle of the FLAG circle as their biggest cheerleaders encourage them to be their most self they’ve ever felt! We’d love to welcome them every week of camp, and watch them grow and thrive in so many different enriching activities. 

“Every moment is magical for Christian in the summer! Hearing his excitement everyday about how much he feels accepted and loved by all staff is so wonderful! He was very proud of catching a fish last summer, and we are excited for another adventure packed ESP summer,” said ESP mom Kara. 

What Weeks of Camp Can You Register For? 

Mark your calendars based on the unit that your child falls into the age range! There are five different units all with unique themes.

Register Here: https://esp.campbrainregistration.com/

There are 3 different forms of camp that we are offering: 

Day Camp

This is a 5-week program that will run from 9AM to 3PM at the ESP building on Mondays-Thursdays, along with our favorite Field Trip Fridays! 

Adventure Camp

1 week of outdoor programs including archery, boating, campfires, and so much more! It will run from 9AM to 3PM at Camp Hooray, and there will be bowling/swim on Mondays-Thursdays, and then an overnight camp experience on Thursday night. On Friday we will pack up and enjoy some river tubing in Helen, GA! 

Overnight Camp

1 week will be for 17 & younger, and 1 week will be held for 18 & older so we are offering it to all different ages! This camp will be located at Camp Twin Lakes in Winder, GA, and will run Sunday-Friday. The campers will explore many activities including rock climbing, zip-lining, and horseback riding!

Drop off for camp will be in two different locations this year! One will be at the ESP main building, and the other will be at Harris Shoals Park. We are so excited to be reunited after a year with our summer campers! Here comes the sun, and we’re already doing the wave outside of our building waiting for YOU!