A Summer In Paradise: Adventure Camp and Crew

Hi, it’s Kalon here. Your resident Programs Coordinator! This summer, we hope to take your campers to a Summer in Paradise. If your camper is tired of day camp and overnight camp, and they need more responsibility in their summer camp experience, we have some exciting, new opportunities for them! Read along to learn about Adventure Camp and Crew!

Adventure Camp

Dirty faces, messy clothes, and lots of laughter surrounded by the great outdoors. Sounds fun right? 

That’s what we hope to accomplish with Adventure Camp. Adventure Camp is one of our newest programs during summer camp that focuses on intentional unique skill-building and time for your child to experience life away from a screen. With the pandemic and activities being closed, this is the perfect time for your child to explore nature and spend time away from technology. 

It is so important to build skills and for children to have recreational activities away from their home and TV so they learn how to be independent and work together in a team. ESP wants to give each participant a chance to experience the world within and around nature. Adventure Camp gives us the opportunity to give campers a week of learning new skills that we don’t currently offer at our main facility in Watkinsville. 

There is nothing more exciting than watching your kids grow and thrive, and it’s even better when you get to do it all outside! You can expect your child to dabble in the art of archery or learn the basics of cycling. We want to see them learning how to ride a horse or tube down a river. Campers will build something amazing in our wood shop or create a unique piece of art at our pottery studio. 

We want to hike the trails and camp outside while eating a meal we cooked over the fire. We want to teach your kids how to care for chickens and grow something in the garden to cook. Campers will have the option to sleepover in our yurt on the Hooray property Thursday night and go tubing in Helen on Friday.

You have until TOMORROW to sign your child up for Adventure Camp, so don’t wait!

Camp Crew

Camp Crew is for our campers who are looking to gain more responsibility and jobs while at camp. They are seasoned camp veterans or love helping others. These campers will be acting as Junior Counselors and be assigned a camp unit.

Crew will assist each Unit Leader in the activities, help their unit, and do everyday tasks such as cleaning, supervising activities, leading songs, and maintaining the schedule. Camp Crew will essentially act as our Vocational Unit but will be broken up into units they will help lead.

Our older campers loved taking care of our younger campers, organizing materials for activities, and helped lead Flag last summer that we knew we needed to create a special opportunity for them. They can handle instructions, take feedback, and have a heart for growth and leadership. 

We’re so excited to see our campers grow in Crew and to see them thrive in a new summer camp environment designed to teach them more responsibility while still participating in camp.

For any questions about Crew, email me at kalon@espyouandme.org. Tomorrow is also the deadline for Crew, so sign your child up today! They must be 21 and up to participate in Crew. 

We hope to see you at camp!