Emma Barton

About Emma Barton

Core value: Activating the abilities of all: “It applies to us all— ESP YOU AND ME!”

Outside of curating ESP Atlanta’s programs, Emma is passionate about connecting with people through astrology, delving into its history and its links to personality assessments. When she’s not exploring the stars, she enjoys spending time with her cats, Beanie and Baby.

Her ESP Why: “I have been a part of the disability community since I was young as I have a younger brother with Downs Syndrome. When I first experienced ESP my freshman year at UGA, I was blown away that a place of inclusion like this existed. I had never been in such a positive, fun environment, especially one that was made for people with disabilities and their families. I was hooked ever since and have stayed involved as much as I could during my time at UGA and beyond. My first overnight camp in 2018 solidified my ‘Why’ as that is when I first met my friend, Elliott. I ended up caretaking for him later in 2020 during COVID-19 and connecting with their family in a deeper capacity. Being a part of their lives is a big part of what has kept me wanting to work with the disability community, working towards universal experiences for all.”