Katie Christian

About Katie Christian

Core value: Compassion Freely Given

Katie has a lifelong passion for making a difference within her community by helping others. One of her biggest sources of joy is her canine companion. Katie devotes much of her free time to her dog, going on adventures to new and exciting places. He is her travel buddy and best friend!

Her ESP Why: “Charlie Baucom! He is a participant whose family came on ESP By the Sea for the second time this year. They’re a family who wouldn’t be able to take a vacation without help for Charlie. During parents night out, Charlie and I spent the entire time in the pool together. Watching his pure joy and excitement to swim was amazing! We kept playing a game called “One, Two, Three” where he’d count and I would pick him up to throw him up in the air for a big splash. Ever since that trip, I have been the biggest King Charles fan and eagerly await his arrival to every Rome event now! When he came to camp in Rome, he was in the Youngest Unit, who went swimming on a different day than the Oldest Unit (the one I was placed with), and Charlie wouldn’t get in the pool at all. I asked if I could bring him to the pool with Oldest instead. He immediately got in the pool with me and began saying ‘One, Two, Three,’ wanting me to throw him up in the air again for big splashes. He had the biggest smile on his face and giggled each time he landed in the water. Hands down the best day of camp for me and I can’t wait until the next time I get to see him!”