Happy ASL Day!

Happy ASL day

Happy National ASL Day! Today, we celebrate American Sign Language and those who speak it. National ASL Day has been celebrated since the opening of the first school for Deaf children on this day in 1817.


Caroline Turknett, esp Program Intern and Summer Staff Member shared with us how learning ASL has impacted her life.


“As someone who is pursuing a career in speech language pathology, I was eager to learn ASL to better communicate with future Deaf/hard of hearing clients,” Turknett said. “I started learning ASL my freshman year of college and have served as the president of an ASL organization at UGA for two years. Not only has learning ASL afforded me numerous opportunities to immerse myself in the Deaf/hard of hearing community, but it has transformed how I interact with many of our participants at ESP! Communication is such an essential component for developing relationships, and ASL has served as a powerful tool in enhancing my ability to bond with our participants.”


Today highlights the importance of recognizing ASL as a vital means of communication for the Deaf and hard of hearing community. We are delighted to celebrate Caroline and all ASL speakers today & everyday!