ESP Athens Holiday Giving

Give CELEBRATION to participants like KG who never experienced being cheered on as a child growing up in Africa. With ESP, she now has a place where is celebrated every moment around our community. From the second she and her mom drive through the parking lot for Welcome Wagon to the moment her family and friends are cheering her during a Miracle League game, your gift helps us celebrate every moment, big and small! 

Give CONNECTION to moms like Brynlee’s mom through ESPlay where parents of children aged 0-3 can meet, form friendships, and ask questions of other parents going through similar experiences, all while their children play through Music Therapy, socialize with friends their age, and work towards developmental leaps through play at ESP. 

Give COMPASSION by helping ESP provide participants with volunteer buddies, creating bonds like Locklyn and Jordan’s. Their friendship began through afternoon programs while Lockyln was Jordan’s buddy for a semester before Jordan took an AmeriCorps position with ESP in Atlanta. The two got to reunite with him at Bulldogs and Buddies this year! Your gift helps us create individualized buddy relationships while helping ESP demonstrate tangible ways to express compassion to each member of our community. 

Give COMFORT to families like Gwen’s. “Ever since her first summer 5 years ago, Gwen has loved going to camp. Last summer was the first time she attended overnight camp, it took me several years to let myself let her go, and it was a transformative experience that we both needed. As a single mom with three kids with Gwen being my oldest, as well as taking care of my parents, just knowing that she received a scholarship helps me know that financially we will be ok but most important of all Gwen gets to experience true joy in being with the amazing people at ESP. We appreciate your kindness and please know that you have made my daughter’s summer extra special.” Your gift helps ESP provide transformative experiences for every participant while providing peace and comfort for parents that can’t usually trust their loved one with others.

Give COMMUNITY to participants like Fraser whose mom took him to a Java Joy event, and as they arrived Fraser commented, “I wish I could be a Joyrista.” As soon as Fraser approached the event, confetti cannons erupted and music began to play. It was a surprise first day welcome, and after years of hoping—Fraser got the job! Since then, Fraser has served at more than 20 events across the Athens area. After getting the hang of spreading joy, Fraser decided to spread his wings and skydive as part of ESP’s Big Jump 2022 where he helped raise money to create more transformative experiences for his ESP friends!