ESP Rome Holiday Giving

Give CELEBRATION to participants like Emmie who played football at Hawks Hangout where the players of the Shorter Football team helped her run several touchdowns. Her mom said, “The Hawks made a little girl smile today!”

Give CONNECTION to participants like Diane’s and her family. Diane came to Family Dinner in Rome for the first time since moving in with her sister and instantly connected to a family volunteering and serving dinner that night. As they were talking, they found out they were neighbors and planned to hang out outside of ESP. Your gift helps create these type of lasting connections beyond ESP Rome, changing communities for the better. 

Give COMPASSION by helping ESP create compassionate relationships between people of every ability. Jazmin and Laney were buddies at ESP Rome summer camp in 2022, and even after camp season was over,  Jazmin went to the Darlington Homecoming football game to celebrate her buddy, Laney, being chosen for Homecoming court. During halftime, Laney and Jazmin greeted each other with the biggest hug and smiles – compassion overflowing. 

Give COMFORT to participants like Allison, an ESP Rome participant.  Allison signed up for the ESP Family Beach Trip and although she was VERY excited, she was still a little nervous to be around people she didn’t know. Allison immediately felt acceptance on the trip and when asked if she would come back to ESP 360 programs in Rome, she proudly responded “YES!” Since then, Allison has become very active in the Rome community by attending ESP Rome 360 programs, being a Joyrista, and connecting with her friends at Family Dinners and weekend events. Your gift helped create a comfortable community for participants like Allison in Rome.

Give COMMUNITY to participants like Rome Joyrista Jacob to thrive through programs like Java Joy. ESP Rome Joyrista Jacob was taking orders and serving coffee to students at an event when a young girl asked if he liked his job. His response was immediate and matter-of-fact saying, “Well of course, I get paid to be happy.” Jacob is a regular on the Java Joy Rome team and has even ventured to speak about what Java Joy means to him in front of large crowds! Your gift helped ESP Rome provide meaningful employment and a purposeful community for Joyristas like Jacob.